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What? Me, Teach Dance?


Source: Jean Blaydes Madigan

Most important thing to increase learning. What we learn comes through senses and learn through movement.
More movement going on, more likely to stay on task.
Purposeful movement helps students who need to move be more successful with classroom environment.
Active students often moving to help brain focus.
Builds framework for learning. What makes us move, makes us think

Four Developmental Domains and Basic Motor Movements

Physical, emotional, social, cognitive Need balance and environment supporting all Students will understand how to learn, how to be physically fit, how to control emotions, how to get along with others, how to set goals Rolling. Crawling/Walking. Jumping

Information Travels to the Brain

Side to side. Back to front. Up and down
Motor, balance and vestibular must be developed properly i.e. missing crawling..
Movement gives opportunity to practice and rewire

Research and Articles:

pointer Music and Movement pointer

When and How Do Children Start Composing Music

Exploring Movement with Toddlers and Dance

Where Has All The Singing Gone?

Why Music?

The Surprising Benefit of Moving and Grooving With Your Child

How music inspired free play can nurture creative young minds

Singing to Your Baby Can Help New Moms Recover Faster From Postnatal Depression

The Making of Music: Study proposes new theory of evolution of Infant-directed song

But They Learn to Need To...

Music Therapy: Why Auditory Processing is Developed Through Music and Movement

Music Key for Non-Verbal Children and With Speech and Language Delays

Music improves baby brain responses to music and speech

Music as a stand alone subject

Let's Play-R. Reijers

Jamming With Your Toddler: How Music Trumps Reading for Childhood Development

Music is Medicine and More Effective than Drugs at Managing Pain-J. Battaglia

Great News for People who Can't Sing

Brains Thrive on Patterns

The Power of Music Therapy

How does Music Stimulate Left & Right Brain Function?

Why Singing is So Important for your Young Child and You

What's so Important About Music & Movement Activities In Early Years

How All Humans got to be Music Experts

Music Helps Impoverished Children Perform Better in School

How to Use Musical Instruments with Preschool Children

18 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play a Musical Instrument

Benefits of instrumental music group play for elementary and preschool children

Music Prepares People for Careers & Problem Solving

Talk, Read, Sing

Music Listening Preferences in Early Life

Value of Ring Around the Rosie

Why Steady Beat Matters

Using Music to Close the Academic Gap

Playing At Home With Music

Developing Social Skills Through Music

The Value of Rhymes, Stories and Songs in the ESL Classroom

Every Child Needs Music. Richard Gill Still Arguing 50 Years On

Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

Music For Your Health

The holistic learning outcomes of musical play for children with Down syndrome

When They're Very Young   By Keith Powers
Teaching Music Journal. January 2012
NAfME/National Association for Music Education
"In kindergarten and beyond, students gradually develop their musical skills. But music aptitude develops much earlier-and teachers can begin to foster it in preschool."


Music and Parenting ~ Somewhat Like A Symphony

Developmental Concepts Enhanced through Music and Movement For 3-year-olds thru Pre-K

Music as Valuable Tool & What's in it For the Parent

Studies Tell Us

Research Findings & Quotes from Journal of Zero to Three - The Music Lives of Babies and Families

Mothers are Musical Mentors

Musically Speaking, Did You Know?

pointer Infants-Babies pointer

Blue Sky Thinking

The Wonder Weeks-Don’t Confuse them with Growth Spurts

Critical Components for Infant-Toddler Educators

Real Problems with Modern Infant Sleep Practices


Is self-soothing the biggest con of new parenthood?

Tired moms shouldn’t stress over babies sleep

Babies Should Sleep With Their Mothers Until Age Three New Research Claims

Stunning Image Shows the Science Behind Mother-Child Bond

What Babies Know About Their Bodies and Themselves

Baby Bath Basics

The Relation of Crying to SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Infants sync with moms during lullabies

Singing 'speeds up' recovery from post-natal depression

Baby, Interrupted- 7 Ways to Build Your Child's Focus and Attention Span

Bilingual babies listen to language

No Way to Treat a Baby

Trusting the Child

The Happiest Babies Aren't Shushed, Swung or Scheduled

Passing on Pacifiers

The Connected Vocabularies of 6-Month Olds

Simple Newborn Care Tip

Respect, Trust, Acceptance-Magda Gerber's Therapeutic Approach to Child Care

Newborn baby development has been vastly underestimated

The Importance of Pointing

10 Steps to Surviving the First Three Months with a Newborn

The 4 Biggest Myths about Flat Head Syndrome in Babies

Babies grasp speech before they utter their first words, a study finds

The power of lullabies and why you should sing them

The Journey Toward Postural Control

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Without Rocking

The Two Most Important Words When Changing Diapers: SLOW DOWN

A Creative Alternative to Baby TV Time

The Infant Need Experts Don't Talk About

Babies' Brain Responses to Touch Reveal Body Map

Why Physical Therapists Hate the Bumbo Seat

Research Says It's Ok to Pick Up Your Baby Each Time it Cries

RIE Parenting Basics (9 ways to put respect into action)

How Mother's Voice Shapes Baby's Developing Brain

Baby Boys More Vulnerable to Stress than Baby Girls

We Need to Show Up for New Moms

Babies and the Art of Observation

They Should've Warned Me

Tips and Tricks-Increasing Neck Strength and Head Control

Go slow, voice low

How to Bond With Your Baby (Beautifully)

Babies Use their Tongues to Understand Speech

Why Young Children Protest Bedtime: Evolutionary Mismatch

Set Me Free-Unrestricted Babies (and the equipment they don't need)

Rock 'N Play Risks: Making Well-Informed Baby Gear Decisions

The Fourth Trimester-Why Newborns Hate Being Put Down

The Dangerous Stroller Mistake Most Parents Make

New Study: Extravagant Affection in Infancy Leads to Healthier Happier More Relational Moral Adults

Baby Paraphernalia: A step in the wrong direction

Is "Cry it Out" Tip of Dangerous Parenting Iceberg?

Beware the Baby Bumbo Seat

This is What a Moms Voice Does to a Child's Brain

Infant crying, fussing and colic

The Newborn Play Activity Every New Parent Should Know

Blue Sky Thinking (for new parents)

Tickling Kids Can do More Harm Than Good

Why it's not just Colic or Fussiness

Why Playing Peekaboo is a Serious Matter

Singing to Children may help Development of Language Skills

Sensory Play-Don't Make the Mistake I did

Importance of Chattering Away to Babies

Babies are Musicians

Baby talk tips: Setting the foundation for Communication

Learning to Crawl Disrupts Infant Sleep

Why Parents Sing to Babies-J. Suttie 2016

It's not just postpartum depression-M. Acel-Green

Why you won't see a PT's kid using a baby walker

Safe remedies to soothe cold and flu symptoms-K. Miles

The Pitfalls of Some Modern Day Baby Equipment

5 Hard and Fast Rules for Post Delivery House Guests-S. Gooden

15 Adorable Facts About How Babies Learn-S. Farro

Milestones & Play Ideas for 3-4 months

Singing to Babies Calms them Longer Than Talking

6 Ways to Prevent Head Flat Spots-E. Bettis

No Way to Treat A Baby

Baby You are Born to Play

The Wearable Baby-A.Dodge

Empowering Our Babies With Rituals

The Myth of Baby Boredom

The Effect of Human Contact on Newborn Babies-B. Colia

Infants Use Expectations to Shape Their Brains-M.Hotchkiss

11 Comebacks for Parents of Babies Who do Not Sleep-E.J. Clark

Best Toys for Babies Don't do Anything

9 Surprising Things we Did When Our Baby Quit Sleeping

10 True Things About The First Year of Parenthood-K. Thurston

Surviving the Newborn Phase-R. Norman

What to do Instead of Rocking

Avoiding the Container Shuffle with Your Baby-N.Sergent

What I Wish I Said to New Mom I Just Met-K.Lawler

Strong Immune System for Life

Messy Children Make Better Learners

United We Feed: One Moms Campaign to end Bottle vs. Breast-C. Robertson

7 Benefits Undisturbed First Hour After Birth-S.McCulloch

The Subtleties of Baby Sleep

The Importance of Destructive Play

How Creeping & Crawling Influence Children's First Step in Education-S. Wayman

Tummy Time Help

Choosing a Stroller-Why Flat is Best for Development

Just Tell Me You Understand

Crawling Tips

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Babies-D. Narvaez

What Babies Understand about Adult Sadness

Why we Should Lose Labels

Early Motor Skills and Language Development-Leonard and Hill, Goldsmiths, Univ. London

Lullabies Lower Heart Rates and Ease Pain in Children-F.Macre

Teething Symptoms are not as Bad as Parents Think-M. Moyer

Exercise Affects Baby Brains

Moving Together to Music Encourages Helping Behavior in Babies

Vestibular Exercises for Baby

5 Things Not to do to Babies-D. Narvaez

Digitally connected babies are not emotionally connected babies-S. Zeedyk

7 Myths that Discourage Independent Play

Babies: Competent & Capable from Birth-A. Hanscam

Peek-a-Boo: A Window on Baby's Brain-A. Lacey

Therapists see no Developmental from Bumbo Seats-J. Dearddorff

How to Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

Brain Research, Infant Learning, and Child Care Curriculum-R. Lally

Babies Learn Best Just Before a Nap

Babyspeak-what is your baby trying to tell you?-S. Shah

8 Reasons to Avoid Sleep Training Your Baby

The Complete Guide to Baby Carrying

The Case Against Tummy Time w/Video-Irene Lyon

Babying Crying Infants Matters

Infants Babble More When Parents 'Baby Talk'

To Mimic Us, Babies Use 'Body Maps' in Brain

Infants Create New Knowledge While Sleeping

Infant Temperaments may Reflect Parents Cultural Values

Baby Talk-Don't Miss the Magic

The High Cost of Neuromyths in Education (left/right brain myth)

Baby Sign Language-Does it Work?

Use Therapy Ball Make Tummy Time Easier and Fun

Making Tummy Time a Little Less Um-Miserable

How Does Crawling Develop

8 Ways to Use a Baby Play Table

What Happens to a Woman's Brain When She Becomes a Mother

Dutch Babies Trump US Peers in Laughing, Smiling, Cuddling

Dealing with Diaper Changing Disasters

A Second look at Adult Initiated Tummy Time for Infants

Baby Discipline Person to Person

Moving Together to Music Encourages Helping Behavior

The Science of Early Childhood Development

When Do Babies Learn Self-Control

Music to Help Premies Thrive in the NICU

No Way To Treat a Baby

Listen to Baby Babbles

Don't Stand Me Up

Baby Teamwork

Empowering our Babies with Rituals

Your Baby's Developmental Roadmap

Why Movement is so Important for Your Baby's Growth

The Case Against Tummy Time

Why Babies Like Boxes Best

Eye Patching Resources

Pincer Grasp Development

The Importance of Pointing

Babies' Brains Rehearse Speech Mechanics

Home Visiting Programs are Preschool in it's Earliest Form

Don't Contain Your Baby

How to Help Baby Become a Math Genius or Not

Low Muscle Tone

How to Stop Entertaining Your Baby

Infant Play

Sitting Babies Up

Toddlers Learning to Share

9 Reasons Not To Walk Babies

Baby Led Self-Feeding

3 Ways to Parent less & Parent Better

How Toys can Support Speech-Language Development
(Great ideas, but I would not encourage the use of toy phones with young children.)

Why Toddlers are So Exhausting

Babies' brains benefit from music classes, even before they walk and talk

Effects of music class for infants on brain and behavior

The Infant Need Experts Don't Talk About

Optimizing Early Brain and Motor Development Through Movement

Children Who Bite

Group: Apps Not Effective Tool For Teaching Babies

No Tummy Time Necessary

Power of Lullabies

Low Media Baby

Wait....The Magic Word

Babies and Screens

10 Ways to Promote Language and Communication Skills of Infants and Toddlers

What Your Baby Can't Tell You

Babies Know

Baby's PlayList

Opportunities to Connect

Cognitive Experiences for Infants

Babies Brains May Be Tuned to Language Before Birth

Best Toys for Babies Don't do Anything

Early Maternal Support May Positively Affect Brain Development

Babies Know When A Cuddle is Coming

Two Simple Things to Support New Baby

Babies Learn Words in the Womb

Sitting Babies Up-The Downside

Why Do You Sit Me Up?

What is Love? By Magda Gerber

pointer Brain Science pointer

Musical Neurones Discovered in Brain-M. Boon

A brain link to autism-P. Reuell

Brain Development Altered by Early Childhood Depression

Why Green Spaces are Good for Your Kids-C. Mooney

Unexpected Brain Structures tied to Creativity-Rice & Saggar, Stanford Univ.

Learning Through Music: The Support of Brain Research-E. Carlton

What's Going on Inside the Brain of a Curious Child

Physical Activity Affects Cognition

Music & Language Are Processed By the Same Brain Systems

The Brain, Music and Singing

How Childhood Neglect Harms the Brain

How Playing Music Affects the Developing Brain

The Trouble with Brain Science

8 Things to Know About How Kids Learn

Your Brain Has Rhythm

Problems in Childhood Affect Brain Development

Dancing in Your Seat

Building Better Brains

Brain Builders - watch short video

Music Can Move Your Brain Waves to Benefit You!

Making Connections: How Children Learn

Brain-Body Connection

Teaching Our Children

Cross-Lateral Activities

How Music Affects Your Brain

Early Brain Development-What parents and caregivers need to know!

Body/Brain Connection

Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing

Babies' Brains Benefit from Music Lessons, Even Before They Can Walk and Talk

Modern Parenting May Hinder Brain Development, Research Shows

Brain Power: Five Ways Neuroscience Will Change Education

Early Brain Development Research Review and Update

pointer Growth and Development pointer

Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Child to Preschool

Children Need to Run Around All Day

What if Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

Unsolicited Evaluation is the Enemy of Creativity

7 Facts About Your Child’s Prefrontal Cortex That Are Game Changers

Standford researchers show were sending many children to school way too early

If Kindergarten Wasn’t So Much Like 1st Grade, We Wouldn’t Need to Delay It

The Culture of Childhood. We’ve Almost Destroyed It

Kids with ADHA must squirm to learn, study says

The Benefits of Art for Kids

You’ll Be Sorry-Children and Apologies

Importance of Destructive Play for Infants and Toddlers

Crawling Development: Too many 4 year old kids who can’t crawl: Study

A toddler’s night waking

Depression in Preschool Changes the Brain

The Joy and Sorrow Rereading Holt's "How Children Learn"

The Case for Old-School Kindergarten: Why We Need to Let Our Kids Play

Why Toddler's Need More Respect

It's Science: Toddlers are Happier with Fewer Toys

Best Ways to Raise Problem Solvers

This Very Real Very Important Work

Goodbye Paperwork, Hello Happy Children

Share...Wait Your Turn ...Don't Touch ...Playdate Rules That Limit Learning (And What to Try Instead)

4 Reasons to Ditch Academic Preschools

What Kids Need From Grown-ups (But Aren't Getting)

Don't Show, Don't Tell?

The Problem with The 'Eat it or Starve' Approach

Being Barefoot Benefits Brain Development and More!!

Importance of Destructive Play for Toddlers

Behind Every Child Behavior, There is a Feeling

Spinning, Rolling and Swinging. Oh My!

10 Sensory Red Flags You Might be Missing

Evidence Based Reasons to Incorporate Movement to Classroom Instruction

Researchers studied kindergarteners' behavior and followup up 19 years later. Here are the findings

Death to the behavior chart! 3 reasons to resist the lure of punishments and rewards

Why Kids Need Upside Down Play

We thought our son had ADHD-what we were told blew our minds

What Sensory Therapists Can Teach Us About Feeding Picky Kids

Toys to Help Your Child Learn How to Jump

You Can't Force Sharing. You Can Only Inspire It

Anxiety or Aggression? When Anxiety in Children looks like Anger, Tantrums or Meltdowns

It's Not Just Hormones

Most People are Secretly Threatened by Creativity

No Evidence to Back Idea of Learning Styles

Let Them Eat Dirt! Our Obsession with Hygiene is Jeopardizing Our Children's Health-E. Steafel

"Read it Again!" The Story of Story Time

Math Talk w/Preschoolers... Say What?

The Problem Begins with Poor Handwriting-Pencil Grip and Fine Motor Development

Want Your Kids to Tell You About Their Day… Try This

Sensory Processing Explained/Oral Sensory System

Learning to Write and Draw

Why Kids Should Keep Using Their Fingers to do Math

Sensory Processing Explained-Oral Sensory System

THIS is Process

Art vs. Craft: The Difference in What Children Learn

Why Children are Terrible at Hiding

Children will teach Themselves to Read when they are Ready

Gravitational Insecurity Creates Fight or Flight Response & Sensory Defensiveness

Handwriting Development: When Milestones aren't Developed the "Write" Way Brain Building Activity Suffers

Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Total Waste of Time

How the New Preschool is Crushing Kids-E. Christakis

W-sitting. Problem or solution

Unlocking the Secrets of Childhood-P. Howard-Jones

Self-Esteem May be Set by Age 5-R. Nauert

How do Teachers Feel About their Quiet Students-S. Cain

Growing Early Friendships

Rip Those Behavior Charts off the Wall & Burn Them-T. Tagart

A Therapist Goes to Middle School and Tries to Sit Still and Focus. She Can't Neither Can the Kids

Talking to Parents About Special Needs in Preschool

The Danger of Back to School-P. Gray

When Success Leads to Failure

Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Who Should Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders-L. Rudy

Is it Autism? What Should I Do?

Why High Functioning Autism is so Challenging

10 Obvious Truths about Educating Kids that Keep Getting Ignored-V. Strauss/Alfie Kohn

Common core aligned basic facts of Human Development-J. Ganem, Loyola University Maryland

How early academic training retards intellectual development-P. Gray

Reading Readiness has to do with the Body-L.G. Weldon

Why Day Dreaming Critical to Learning-K. Schwartz (Daniel Levitin)

Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn-M. Schleub-Univ. Central Florida

Why Accelerating Reading Harms Kids and Books

Kids with ADHD need to Move in Order to Learn-F. Macdonald

5 Tips to Help Kids who Chew on Everything

Importance of Art in Child Development-G. Hwang Lynch

10 Secrets to Raising Good Listeners

Yoga and Mindfulness for Young Children

The Science of Resilience

Embodied Learning Across the LifeSpan-Topics in Cognitive Science-2012-Dept of Psyc-U of Chicago

90% of Child's Brain Develops in First 5 Years

A Toddler Who Bangs her Head

The Power Sensations-Your Sensory Foundation

Guides-Activities Enhancing Executive Function Skills

Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts

Skill Development from Birth to 5

12 Reasons Not to Use Technology in Schools for Under 12

Your Toddlers Developmental Roadmap

A Long Childhood Feeds the Brain

Computers and Early Childhood

A Treasure Chest of Alfie Kohn

How Art Encourages Creativity and Other Development Too

What Children Learn By Imitating You

Groups and Forced Participation

Auditory Sensory Processing Explained

Anxiety and Disruptive Behavior

How to Kill Child's Creativity

Why Children Fidget & What we Can Do About It

Children and Themes

Calendar Time-Good Intentions Gone Awry

Children Lose When Rushed Through Life

Parenting that Engages the Mind

Alternatives to Sitting at Desks

Why We Need More Contact With Nature

School Readiness is all about Safety & Connection

Children and Apologies

The Downside of "Grit"

Infants Unable to use Blocks due to iPad Addiction

Give Boredom a Chance

Children Prefer Sports to be Non-Competitive

Puzzles Better Than 3Rs

The Gifted and Sensory Connection

Parenting in the Age of Plenty

Teach Kids to Daydream

Parental Involvement Overrated

Too much-Too Soon

A Parents Pain

Picky Eater S.O.S.

Definition and Activities for Proprioception

Sensory Processing: What Does Vestibular Mean?

Enjoying Healthy Meals

I Can't Do It!

Emotional Health

What You Know or Don't Know About Child Development Could Be Affecting Your Child

The Disturbing Transformation of Kindergarten

Sensory Integration

Brochures and Handouts

Bright Children Should Start School at Six

Why Toddlers Won't Follow Directions

Young Children Develop in an Environment of Relationships

Playing the Get What you Want Game

Raising Your Child to be a Trailblazer

Why School Shouldn't be Like School

Crisis in the Kindergarten

Too Much: Too Young: Should Schooling Start at Age 7?

The "Soft," "Non-Cognitive" Skills are Hard, Cognitive and Critical

Speaking Tonal Language Primes Brain for Musical Training

Neuroscience and Myths

Pressure-Cooker Kindergarten

Why Your Kids Learn More When They Don't Share

Transforming the Cute Curriculum into Authentic Learning

10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids and What to Say Instead

Separating fact and Fiction in Brain Based Learning

Live Music's Charms, Soothing Premature Hearts

What Your Toddler Thinks Of Discipline

How Nature Makes Kids Calmer, Healthier and Smarter

Insights From the Youngest Minds

Auditory and Visual Discrimination Difficulties and Activities to Develop and Strengthen From A-Z of Special Needs for Every Teacher

Too much, too soon

Journey Through Early Childhood - The First Five Years

pointer Language and Literacy pointer

Reading Readiness Has To Do With the Body

Tips on Learning to Talk

Handheld screen time linked with speech delays in young children

Advantages of Learning to Read Later

Books That Teach Children How to Include Others

Brilliant Book Recommendations for Kids

Goodbye Calendar Time

New Study Finds the Real Key to Literacy

5 Tips to Help Your Toddler Learn Language and Communicate

The Art Of Connection

The surprising meaning and benefits of nursery rhymes-M. Sizer

Great News for People who Read Actual Books-R. Grate

Pointing Leads to Better Speech in Toddlers

The Surgeon Who Became an Activist for Baby Talk-C. Turner

Literacy & Language Outcome of Balanced and Developmental Approaches to Early Childhood Education: A Systematic Review-B. Chambers

Reading Readiness Has to do with Body

Dos and Dont's of Reading Aloud

Reading to Children Activates Brain-J. Hutton

Is childhood art key to developing language literacy?-V. Zacharias

Singing to Children may Help Development of Language Skills-A. Hill

What Age Children are Ready for School

Singing to Children and Development of Language Skills

Early Childhood Language Delay Marker for ASD

How Libraries Reach Kids Before They Can Read

Picture Walk

Exercise Improves Early Literacy

True Readiness

Children Are Not Helped by Reading Too Early

10 Reasons Why Kids Need To Know Nursery Rhymes

How Babies Brains Practice Speech

School Starting Age

Building Language With Art

Red Flags and Speech Development

What is Babbling?

iPads May Harm Language Development

The Case for Drawing & Doodling

Building Language with Music

Why Talking to Kids Really Matters

How Blowing Bubbles Help Language

Read Interactively

The Power of Being Heard and Helping Children Put it into Words....

Language Gap Study

Language development 24-36 mos.

Ability to Keep Beat Linked to Language Skills

Early Literacy 24-36 mos.

5 Nursery Rhyme Ideas for Language Development

Fun Song for Learning Silent E

Early Literacy

Developmental Milestones of Early Literacy

The Baby Brilliant Project

Learning Literacy Through Music-Kelsey Tarbert

Music, Movement & Early Literacy. Mcewing, Hayley Elece

pointer Play pointer

It’s Not Good Enough to Be "Just Fine"

The Case for Old School Kindergarten:Why We Need to Let Our Kids Play

Playing With Children: Should You, and If So, How?

Do Theater Experiences Improve Pretend Play and Cooperation

Unstructured play is actually so important for kids + their brain development-so set them free

Decluttering the emotional environment over scheduled days and too many transitions

Why is play one of 5 key areas Natural Child Development believe form foundation for learning and education

Why young kids Learn Through Movement

Behavior Guidance Techniques

42 Quotes on the Importance of Play

Helping Toddlers Succeed at Park, Social Situations

In Defense of Play

The Shift in the Way Society Values Kindergarten

K and Preschool Teachers: Last Stand in War on Childhood

Adult Led Activities are Not Play

How Twisted EC Education has Become from a Child Development Expert-V. Strauss

Stop Intervening When Kids Squabble-L. Skenazy

Why Adults have to stop trying so darn hard to control how children play-V. Strauss

What does play look like? - E. Moreno

Slowing Down Stimuli to Real Time Helps a Child's Brain-E. Westervelt

The Play Deficit-P. Gray

What if they Spend their Whole Childhood Playing

7 Myths that Discourage Independent Play

How Schools have Ruined Recess

Benefits of Fantasy Play for Children-A. Morgan

Scientists Claim time on Playground more Beneficial than Classroom

Why We Need Play-S. Brown

Play, Spirit and Character-S. Brown

Less Outdoor Play Causing More Harm than Good-A. Hanscom

Early Academic Training Produces Long Term Harm

The Problem with Kindergarten

A Really Scary Headline About Kindergartens

The Importance of Playing-Puttering and Pretending-M. Axness/Dr. Greene

Why Playing Outdoors makes Children Smarter-S. Loscalzo

Report Debunks 'Earlier is Better' Academic Instruction for Young Children-V. Strauss

Defending the Early Years-L. Katz

Academics vs Play Based Preschool Debate

Less-structured time in children's daily lives predicts self-directed executive functioning

Why Kids More Aggressive on Playground-V. Strauss

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch & Experience to Learn-K. Schwartz

Ways to Let a Little More Risk into Your Child's Day

Why Preschool Shouldn't be like School-Alison Gopnik

Are We Still Talking about Whether Boys Should Play with Dolls?

Let the Children Play

The Dirt on Dirt

Five Things you Should Know about Play Based Learning

The Last Generation of Kids That Played Outside

Pretend Play is Important

Under Fives Need More Time to Play

Kids whose time is less structured are better able to meet their own goals

The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K

Why Children Fidget

On Play, Spirit and Character

Less Structure Better Able to Meet Own Goals

The Magic of Toy Struggles

Time on Playground More Beneficial Than Time in the Classroom

America Needs a Playtime Intervention

Nature Play

Childs Play Helps Build a Better Brain

Risk Taking: What if I Fail?

Why Fewer Toys Benefits Your Kids

The Value of Play

Does Outdoor Play Make Kids Smarter

Why Rough and Tumble Play is Important

Lack of Time Children Spend Outdoors

How Finland Keeps Kids Focused

Can Free Play Prevent Depression & Anxiety in Kids

Why Free Play is the Best Summer School

Schemas In Children's Play

What Big Body Play is and Why It's Important

Play, Spirit and Character

Play Brain Connections

Messy Play for Messy Intolerant

Free Play and Kids Success

Ditching Plastic Toys for Sticks and Mud

Playful Learning Key to Prosperity

Health Benefits From Free Play

Preferences for Gendered Toys are not Innate

How Process Art Experiences Support Preschoolers

The Play Deficit

Go Out and Play Kit

How Dramatic Play Supports Literacy Development

Baby Yoga Bedtime Rituals

Sound Exploration for Toddlers

Five Activities for Scissor Practice

7 Pure Process Only Art Activities for Toddlers

The Need for Pretend Play in Childhood

The Science of Play

Advice from the OT: Why Kids Need Recess and PE for Academic Success

10 Reasons Play Can Make You Healthy, Happy, and More Productive

Let Me Play! (Trust Me, I'm Learning)

Restricting Children's Play May Harm Them

pointer Parenting pointer

Causes of Students’ Emotion Fragility: Five Perspectives

A Day in the Life of a Child With Slow Processing Speed

Don’t Make Your Child Say ‘I’m Sorry’-what to do instead

What Screen Time and Screen Media Does to Your Child’s Brain and Sensory Processing Ability

You Can't Force Sharing. You Can Only Inspire It

Distinguishing defiance from anxiety: what to do with a child that worries

How the WAY We Talk to Boys May be Stunting Them

The #1 Way to End Power Struggles and it Works Every Time

Kids Don't Fail, Schools Fail Kids

Kindergarteners Get Little Time to Play. Why Does it Matter?

Science Says A "Suck it Up" Parenting Style Kind of Sucks

Yes. My Child is Entitled to be a Child

Nurturing Creativity (How I Learned to Shut Up)

Games for parents that are too tired to play

Try Out Slow Parenting

Too much too young: is nursery stressing my child out?

Girls and Their Frenemies

How to Be a Quiet Adult: Five Tips to Encourage Child Directed Play

Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them for Life

Is It Ok For Your Kids To Pretend To Shoot Each Other?

How to Un-Entitle Your Kids

Tantrum Tamers: 32 Phrases to Use With 3 and 4 Year Olds-A. Nair

How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

If gentle discipline isn't working…This might be the reason

Growth Mindset Picture Books

Music in Reading Has a Direct Impact on Development

Our Stupid Questions

Calming Your Clingy Child

5 Things That Happened When I Stopped Making my Kids Share

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Car Seat Tantrums

Share-Wait Your Turn-Don't Touch-Rules that Limit Learning and What to do Instead

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Love can't eliminate negative effects of helicopter parenting

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Educating Adults on Play

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Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child-Dr. Laura

Preschooler Anxiety

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Let's Slow Down

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Need Your Child's Cooperation? Try this.....

Understanding Behaviors in a New Way

Strong Parental Bond Help Protect from Future Anxiety

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Experiencing Death and Grief

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