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Music & Motion KinderConcerts Ann Arbor Symphony
      arrow This is our Spring 2020 KinderConcert (1st virtual ever)
      arrow This is our Winter 2021 KinderConcert
In Tune With Babies
Now I know my ABC's . . . Is That What It's All About?
So . . . What Can Those Babies Do?
Nurturing Baby & You: More Than the Music
Music & Movement For the Very Young
Music and Parenting: Somewhat Like A Symphony
What? Me, Teach Dance?

Family Dance

Celebrate Families & The Seasons
For Any Occasion and Too Much Fun
Preschool, K-3rd, Day Care, Library, Anywhere
Specifically Designed for Families of Young Children Babies to 8s
Bring Grandma and Grandpa too!

Dancing Together
Strengthens Individual Relationships and The Family Bond
Nourishes Brain Development
Provides a Safe Environment for Self-Expression
Impacts all Developmental Domains
Embraces all Learning Styles

Too Much Fun Includes
Activities to do Together at Home
Simple Circle & Line Dances
Dancing with Scarves
Moving with Mother Goose
Percussion Instruments
Seasonal Celebrations
Sheet & Parachute Rides
Taking the A-Train
Waltzing Together

Share Laughter, Hugs & More
No Expertise Necessary

little folks line

Diane Sloan, Volunteer and library coordinator - World of Wonder Early Learning Center, Fenton Area Public Schools
"The hour long program was seamless. Gari deftly flowed from one song/activity element to another.

Little Folks Concert

The program held the attention of the young audience. Throughout the program Gari gave reassuring advice to the adults about the components of child development. She maintained a loving, accepting atmosphere as she kept structure in the event.

She had segments where she introduced props like paper plates and scarves. These added another dimension to the activities. You could tell by the expressions on the participants' and by their body language that ALL were enjoying themselves.

Gari Stein with a group of children and adults

Gari Stein is a generous individual and a real pro in her field. I was fortunate to see how she implemented her philosophy, her knowledge of child development, and her techniques with regard to music and movement."

KinderConcert Tuba Fun With Fritz Kaenzig


Mary Steffak Blaske-Director Ann Arbor Symphony
"Watching you lead the youngsters with such joy, mindfulness, playfulness - it's really a special occasion each time a KinderConcert happens. And, even after all these performances, I still get teary when I see the youngsters prance to the music, rock their imaginary baby or twirl in pure bliss. You make that happen. Thank you for all you do Gari, to make the music happen in these families' lives and to make these concerts such a success."

Little Folks Concert

Melanie Pruiett, Coordinator-Fenton Area Public Schools-WoW!~World of Wonder
"Our families really enjoyed the Family Fun Night with Gari Stein. I was taking careful notes so that I could use her ideas for our own new 'WonderWorks in Music' parent-child playgroups. So far I have incorporated Gari's ideas in our first 10 sessions. I was very pleased to hear from one of our families that our new music program is in her opinion as superior in comparison to area commercial parent-child music programs. I could not have pulled this off with out the influence and teachings of Gari."

From Deb Bodner, Clinton-Macomb Public Library:
"Writing to say thank you for a wonderful program. It was great fun; everyone thoroughly enjoyed the singing and dancing. We can only hope that parents will continue to sing and dance with their children at home. We forget how much young children can learn through music and movement, and programs such as yours remind us.

You have a wonderful way of keeping the parents in line, reminding them that this is for the children and they need to be both teachers and role models. And you have that amazing trait of being unruffled by wandering children. You were able to get everyone engaged.
Thank you again, for a fabulous program. I know we will be inviting you back."

Gari Stein with a group of children


"I just have to tell you I am having so much fun with music - the class I was most nervous about teaching has become my absolute favorite... Thanks again for your encouragement and inspiration."

"A unique interactive approach to a school assembly."

"Everyone participated on some level."

"A perfect mix of music and movement."

"It was heartwarming to see young and old together in song and dance."

"Educationally appropriate and pure fun."

"The program provided a sense of community."

"Even the big kids (1st and 2nd graders) love this stuff."

"Fun, laughter and good music."

"An important event of community..."

"It was nice to enjoy the evening with my second generation of children."

"Love the focus on letting kids be kids."

"Music makes a child's heart sing."

"My girls had a blast. They danced, sang and learned so much. Thank you!"

"So much fun and a wonderful time for just my daughter and I!"

"We had such a wonderful time laughing and dancing. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for sharing your music. We truly enjoyed the music and fun."

Gari Stein with a group of children


Mommy, Daddy, Nanny, Granny, Teachers, Students, Siblings Too!
Sing-A-Song & Dance Along...It's Fun and Good For You...

Gari Stein with a crowd of children


  • School Assemblies
  • Special Events
  • Seasonal Celebrations
  • Family Programming
  • Parent-Child Enrichment
  • Family Gatherings
  • Community Concerts
  • Conference Programs
Gari Stein with a crowd of parents and children


  • Schools for Kndg.-2nd Grade
  • Preschool & Daycare
  • Public Libraries
  • Senior, Intergenerational & Community Centers
  • Outdoor Venues

When Gari Stein brings people together in Song and Dance, music happens! From young to old and in between, a connection is made. In almost no time toes tap, bodies rock, faces glow, voices sing, spirits lift-music happens!

Gari Stein with a crowd of parents and children

Gari instills a tone of familiarity and community, as she enthusiastically guides groups in music making. A variety of songs, chants, bounces, wiggles, tickles, rocking, tapping, shaking, dancing with ribbons, playing rhythm instruments and lullabies fill the hour for the little ones. Older children are provided with avenues to explore elements of creative movement, activities to develop their listening skills, activities that incorporate drama, literature and art. Activities for adults are geared to fit their specific population.

Always available and fun to do, music is an unmatched teaching tool. Family Exercise and Fun!Gari provides teachers, caregivers, directors, librarians, therapists and parents with numerous & simple activities, many based in traditional folk music, to help incorporate music and movement everyday into their programs. When applicable, a detailed handout is provided.




Concert Video Snippets

play video Follow the Leader - Anchors Away!
play video Take the A-Train
play video Twinkle Twinkle

Gari Stein Little Folks Concert


  • Enrich the daily routine...
  • Nourish brain development...
  • Contribute to emotional success...
  • Strengthen learning & literacy...
  • Support group cohesiveness...
  • Teach social skills...
  • Allow for individual self-expression...
  • Build community...
  • Enhance the parent child bond...
  • Tap children's creative juices...
  • Can transform a cranky environment into one of harmony & joy...

Gari Stein with a group of children


  • Mommy, Daddy Sing With Me...
    Parent child enrichment for teachers and therapists. In our hurry up dot com world, a simple song can help slow things down & create a lifetime memory....
  • Sing A-Song & Dance A-long...
    Family Program: As part of conference evening program or special event, seasonal celebration, music enrichment for children, families, seniors, inter-generational, community sing and dance a-longs.
  • Rock-A-Bye Grandbaby...
    What better way to greet a new grandchild than with a song? Invite grandparents and parents of infants to pre-crawlers for a very special event. Babies are born seemingly pre-wired for music and learn through movement. Help to enhance the bond & create lifelong memories while experiencing the joy of making music together. Dance to Mozart, shake maracas, sing tunes for daily routines, sway with scarves, rock to lullabies, share hugs, laughter and more.

Grandparents and children


  • Audience Participation...
  • Activities designed for your Specific Population...
  • Traditional Folk Music...
  • Classical, Jazz, Ethnic, Big Band Music...
  • Emphasis on Listening ...
  • Songs, Stories and Singing Games...
  • Rhythms and Melodies...
  • Patterns and Echo Songs-Call and Response...
  • Dancing With Ribbons & Scarves...
  • Adult-Child Enrichment & Partner Activities...
  • Handouts with ideas to take home...
  • Hugs, laughter and too much fun...

Concert Participants

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