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In Tune With Babies
Now I know my ABC's . . . Is That What It's All About?
So . . . What Can Those Babies Do?
Nurturing Baby & You: More Than the Music
Music & Movement For the Very Young
Music and Parenting: Somewhat Like A Symphony
What? Me, Teach Dance?

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Joyful Family Music Songs that Grandma Used to Sing

Sing With Me is on hiatus until Spring 2024.
Please check back for dates or send me an email to be added to mailing. Send child's name, birthdate and your phone number.

Join Gari Stein for Fun
and Laughter Every Week!

2022-2023  SCHEDULE

2022 Summer
Tuesdays 10:30-11:15

Wednesdays 10:30-11:15
MaryField-Wildwood Park

Thursdays 10:00-10:45
Ann Arbor YMCA

2023 Spring-Fall
Wednesdays @ 10:00
MaryField-Wildwood Park


There's so much more going on in the studio than music making. You don't just come to a class and then leave. Snack and chat and instrument exploration make it a very special time. Parenting concerns are supported with articles, conversation and families sharing.You will be equipped with simple activities to take home and enjoy together over and over.

Newcomers are welcomed with open arms, playgroups are formed as well as life long friendships. We are one big extended family, sharing our joy and sometimes our sorrow. Many families return year after year with new siblings.

Personal space is always respected for those who prefer not to socialize. It's unlike any music program in Washtenaw County. I hope you will come visit. Come and see what it's all about and help me celebrate over 30 glorious years of Music For Little Folks.

Music and Movement Class with Gari Stein

Programs are researched based and presented in the richness of Traditional Folk Music. In a fun and informal structure we bounce, chant, do finger plays, sing, rock and row, folk dance, play percussive instruments, listen, dance with ribbons and scarves, sing lullabies, share hugs and more.

Together we explore sounds, words, pitch, tempo, melody, tone, meter, rhythm, dynamics, beat, continuous flow, stories movement and dance, After the mixed age program, we have a snack, then independent process-only art and instrument exploration and time for families to gather and chat.

Sessions begin in September, January and March. The Sing With Me MIXED AGE program, Birth-5, Weds at 10:15 am. 10-14 week sessions-includes 4 CDs. Siblings under 8 months free-discount @8 months.


Everyone Welcome.
Financial Assistance Available.  Special Offer!

mothers and babies making soup


Did you know that an infant's brain will double in size in their first year and that sensory experiences and movement impact brain development?

Sneak a Peek of Activities


NURTURING BABY & YOU:   Babies to Pre-Walkers.

A unique program that focuses on play, movement & touch, based on research of the body-brain connection. Sensory experiences and physical movement are two forces behind brain growth. Enhance healthy development & strengthen your bond with baby while having too much fun.

Join Gari in a warm, gentle, nurturing environment, with time to chat, share resources & support, learn activities for daily routines that impact the growth of your baby's total development.

Music can be your best friend. Learn finger plays, melodies, support tummy time, enjoy nursery rhymes, chants & massage. Together we will waltz, folk dance, take sheet rides, explore instruments, sing lullabies & more. Share hugs & laughter & learn techniques to turn cranky to calm.

Nurturing Baby Now VIRTUAL at the Ann Arbor YMCA

Tuesdays, 11:15 a.m. - 11:45 p.m.    Free to members.
Only $15 for a 7 week session to Non-Members.
Register at
Join Anytime!
Contact Gari for more information.
Nurturing Pathways

new! Special Delivery
Gari Brings the Joy of Music & Movement
To Your Baby Playgroup
For Babies to Pre-Walkers
Includes 2 Cds for Each Family

In the comfort of your home or other setting, Gari provides an informal & slow paced atmosphere. Learn songs for everyday routines, movement activities that nourish baby's brain & all developmental domains & then take the music home. Together we will sing, bounce, chant, enjoy nursery rhymes, massage, support tummy time, take sheet rides, waltz, play with instruments, rock in hammocks, sing lullabies, and more. Gari brings relevant articles to share & also provides time for parenting support and the exchange of concerns and ideas. Nurture baby and yourself while enhancing your bond. No older siblings please.

Starts anytime as schedule permits. See schedule page for Fees.


Birthday Parties for Tots to 5s
Music, Stories, Craft Activity, Cupcakes, Cd Favors
My Studio, Your home or Venue


Music & Movement Video Snippets

play video Bim Bam
play video Take the A-Train
play video Twinkle Twinkle
play video Artists Life


Music and Babies

Please call 734-741-1510 #3 or email to leave a comment, for more information about the program, or to reserve a space for the next available session. Please leave your name, phone, month & year of child's birth and a good time to call you back.

Remember, when all else fails, try Singing and Dancing.

music and movment

It really works!

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Sing With Me Reviews

bullet A mom recommends Music For Little Folks:
"Gari has such a wonderful connection to music and movement. She brings a real understanding of children and their development. She guides children and let's them lead and explore. Children really feel free and unpressured. In this type of environment they thrive. Wonderful."

bullet From a Retired Early Elementary Teacher:
"Thank you Gari, for such an enriching musical experience. What a beautiful class you lead. As I've said before, what you do, making it look so effortless, has the foundation of loving, thoughtful learning; it's what all great teachers do. We're all lucky to have you!"

bullet From a Mom Who Attended Beginning in 1998:
"You and your music class remain in the foundation of our living and parenting."

bullet From a Nanny:
"Thank you so much for your important work with children and families. What a gift for me to be back at Gari's music class after all of these years with my grateful to share this time with the little boy I nanny, you, and others..."

bullet From a Dad...The Last Bim Bom for Us...
I have so loved your class with (daughter.) I don't do anything else in my week which is so soft, so pulling me into a soft world of very small children, of moms (and dads and nannies) and their little ones...the soft flow of the movements, the getting up and down, over and over again, the various silly/willy songs, the words of which I can still barely keep up with, even after almost three years of being in the class...

it's a morning wake-up yoga class for me....and it's been a really bonding and lovely time for (daughter) and me... it will live on with me, as she gets older, and I do.

bullet From Sing with Me Mom & Dad / Violin Teacher Participants:
We were at family music camp and our daughter was able to participate in the "pre-pre-twinkle" class which is basically a music and movement class. It was nice and she enjoyed it, but it was nowhere near as well put together as your class. Your class is so well thought through from beginning to end.

More specifically:
  • The beginning hellos and warm-up part
  • The ending which mirrors beginning and the whisper
  • The movements created especially for each song
  • All the bah bah bahs
  • Listening to different types of music and tape recorder sounds
  • Bim bom
  • Musical instruments and props
  • All tightly organized
It is deceptively simple until one experiences other classes!

bullet From a Dance Teacher:
Hi Gari, I purchased your program 4 years ago and have used it as a guide and it has allowed be to add my own style and creativity! For example, I teach dance and use dance movements during certain songs. Gari you've done a great job putting this program together. Your creativity has made my classes very successful!! I would love to videotape a class for you so you can see how successful you really are!

30 minutes is the right amount of time and I like how you change it monthly, by keeping the beginning, middle and ending are the same, this enables the children to be familiar with their class but always have something new to look forward to learning. I really suggest this program to anyone doing baby classes or Mommy and Me classes. If you need additional info or thoughts about Gari's program, email me at   Thanks so much Gari!

bullet From a Young Mother:
"John looked up at me and sang BA - he was singing to me - what a joy at five months to hear your child sing to you."

bullet From a Mom...
"Gari. You are a real blessing to all who get to share your passion and gifts with you."

Gari Stein with a crowd of parents and children

More Family Comments

bullet "I can tell the skill, time & creativity that went into preparing these CDs-they are thorough, yet perfect time length (although we listen to them for hours!) a good balance of listening, fingerplays & movement as well as variety of music..."

bullet "Her program is encouraging-it's better than yoga...I have consistently been impressed with Gari's professionalism, sensitivity & knowledge of child development...The integration of the silence is impressive in how the children capture the notion...I recommend her program very enthusiastically..."

bullet "Having simple rhythms as the emphasis rather than just songs & bringing movement aspects of music rather than just voice has been outstanding...Fun, laughter, good music & family favorites..."

bullet "One year ago we adopted a baby from Russia-I ordered your CDs & DVD and planned to teach music to our son-Instead we have played your CDs for him at naptime, bedtime, in the car or around the house when we are having a hard time with transitions-We LOVE your, laughter and good important event of community...Gari's class reminds me that there is still peace & calm in the world..."

Grandparents and children


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